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Indie, Rock

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"The language of the Unheard"


N.E.R.D. , Frank Ocean , Bloc party , Arctic monkeys

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The riot:

Riot; a violent disturbance of the peace.

The Riot is a violent combination of sounds, taking inspiration from the likes of,
N.E.R.D., bloc party and Nirvana.

Front man, JAY started the riot as a way to communicate his mind to the
masses and after writing and recording demos for this new movment it was apparent the
riot was missing something.

Late 2016 Jay was introduced to Tyler Vivian, (Backup vocals, lead guitar)
and Scotty McGregor (Drums), and true riot began to roar.

Now fully formed, the Riot is recording and recreating the way we listen to music,
combining and creating a myriad of sounds, infusing 90's grunge rock, soul, hip-hop and more.