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Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock

band members

Raul Sanchez: Vocals/Guitar Elissa Rose: Vocals/Bass Ben Wrecker:Drums



Two cranked up Fender Bassman amps, two Big-muff pedals on full and aggressive powerhouse drums make up River of Snakes sonic core. This fuzz-demented three piece have been tearing apart stages and splintering ears for over three and a half years now in their hometown of Melbourne, as well as trekking thousands of kilometres to play any (and every) interstate city and regional centre in Australia that will have them. This is a band that thrives on raw spirit and DIY attitude.

The band is made up of Raul Sanchez, best known for his role as guitarist in Magic Dirt, Midnight Woolf and The Ape, Elissa Rose from the powerful and grungy The Loveless and Ben Wrecker from the heavy and noisy Hotel Wrecking City Traders. The result is a three-pronged attack of wild punk-rock laced with feedback, noise, heavy riffs and pop-hooks.

In 2010 they released their debut 7” Hole in the Night/ Wrecking ball on their own label and in 2011 their Bad Blood EP on Emergency Music. 2012 saw them release a cover of Bikini Kill’s Rebel Girl and their own track Drink on Thornbury Records vinyl-only label. In 2013 they released another Ep titled Aurora.
Now they have finished working on their debut album “BLACK NOISE” a monster, recorded over a period of two and a half years and in three locations. The album became a true labour of love for the band. It showcases some of the sonic experimentation with feedback and fuzz that has made them such a distinct act. Countless manic live shows and rigorous touring around Australia helped to shape the visceral and immediate sound of the trio when they went in to record. “BLACK NOISE” is a balancing act between these opposing poles; direct, ferocious and relentless yet filled with depth and subtle aural layers.
The heart of this album beats with Punk-Rock fury and 80’s-90’s alternative-rock scuzz, tempered with 60’s pop, psychedelia, noise and the love of a good hook. “BLACK NOISE” features highlights of the band’s live set such as the venomous “Slater” the crazed “Middening”, the bass driven caustic femme-rock of “Hacksaw” and the sleazy confessional “I Lied”.
The basic tracks were recorded live to tape over a couple of intensive two-day sessions at Head Gap Studios by Neil Thomason, while the overdubs and vocals were done in the rehearsal room and at home to pro-tools by Raul Sanchez. The album was mixed by Robbie Adams in his home studio, with the exception of the pop-tastic “I wanna be your baby” and “Separation Anxiety” that were mixed by Lindsay Gravina at Birdland Studios and features artwork by Lluis Fuzzhound and Elissa Rose.
The band have had the privilege to share the stage with a who’s who of Australian and International bands including: Hot Snakes (USA), Omar Rodrigez-Lopez Group (USA), Kim salmon, You Am I, Useless Children, Zeni Geva (Japan), The Beasts of bourbon, EYEHATEGOD (USA), KADAVAR, The New Christs, Warped, The Nation Blue, Spencer P. Jones, Tumbleweed, and many more.

“River of Snakes are, at their deepest and most significant level, a seriously good rock’n’roll band…big riffs, a shot of pop sensibility, epic big rock freak-outs and New York punk rock moments powerful enough to send you careering into the beer-stained walls” – A. Roberts - Beat Magazine 2011

“River of Snakes are living up to their fast growing reputation of pulsing, sexy, distortion punk that flies from the stage and kicks you in the proverbial gonads” E. Rivers - Beat 2012
“The trio recently launched their new EP, Aurora, back in August (2013) and saw it praised by fans and critics alike for its electric intensity and charged attitude” -Tone Deaf
“combining all the best elements of rock – think Flipper, feedtime, Stooges all mixed together in their own unique way and you are then someway to understanding the joy of River of Snakes” Neil Rogers RRR Fm
“The torrent of face-melting rock started with local trio River of Snakes, who sweated out a satisfying set of heavy guitar, exploding drums, and pulsing bass.” Tone Deaf