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Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock

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Doug Boatman, The Dark Pilgrim, Mike 'Baby Face' Ellis, Rocky Mandolfi, Dr Mac and Jayden Brent.


Kate Bush, Tom Waites, Sufjan Stevens, Nick Cave, Peter Gabriel, PJ Harvey, Irish Folk Music, Bon Iver, The Divinyls, Sinead O'Connor, The Tragically Hip, The Church.



Doug Boatman prefers to live underwater - away from the rage and chaos of modern life. Unsure of his age and birthplace, Doug tends to wander countless coastlines and riverbanks seeking inspiration for his songs, fraternising with the colourful characters typical of such places and from whom he draws his inspiration. Doug is not bound by borders and the music speaks of the many international talents, unbridled tributaries, who have contributed to The Rivers' sound. The songs tell tales of hope and loss. It is rumoured that you may find Doug down the lane behind the Leeward Inn where he plays pétanque with the old sea dogs on Tuesday afternoons.