Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

Kiss, Black Crowes, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, AC/DC

band members

Ailie Freeland - Drums, Fleur Freeland - Bass, Anna Quayle - Guitar, Clea Freeland - Vox/Harp


Too many to fit...


Rocket Queen first came to be when a bunch of Melbourne girls, with a love of all things rock & roll, decided that if boys could rock they could too. So the two eldest Freeland sisters, Ailie and Clea, formed a band with old school friend Anna...but it was only when youngest Freeland sister Fleur stepped in and picked up the bass, that the band really took shape...and Rocket Queen was born. With a sound that spans the breadth of their influences - country, blues, a little pop & a whole lotta rock & roll - Rocket Queen’s music makes you want to stand up and listen! After spending the last twelve months honing their energetic live show, supporting bands such as Dallas Crane on their recent tour, and recording their debut EP “Just The Way You Like It”, Rocket Queen are set to blast off!