Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

the drones, Kaiser Chiefs, The Horrors

band members

Dominic Miller - Vocals & Guitar Ian Apuli - Vocals & Guitar Luke Hefferan - Vocals & Keys Dan Michael - Vocals & Bass Brent Fitch - Drummington


places, People, situations


We have an album out. You can have it for free. We just want people to hear it. Have a read of what some pretty people have said about it - Then download it. Or in the other order, I don't mind. \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ FREE ALBUM!! "I'm going to tell you about my new favourite band. They're called Rocketsmiths. Their debut LP The Bones has been playing non-stop out of every musical device I own for more than a week." - Mess and Noise "The opening track Monster Part One is one of the best album openers of the year - if you close your eyes you can almost see Bruce Campbell, it really captures that b-movie horror film. From there we go into the single of the album A Shot At The Seat which is a synth/guitar driven punky/indie track that is bound to be loved by post-punk faithful everywhere... Imagine that Belle and Sebastian were speeding and collided with Modest Mouse and the whole accident was witnessed by Blink 182 - in the wake of the crash they started a band, now you understand (kind of) the sound of The Rocketsmiths. Fairly original." - "The character of Rocketsmiths is evident throughout this album, with the band living up to the reputation they’ve earned as fun and freaky indie-punk rockers. Produced by award-winning producer Magoo, the album incorporates ‘carnival-esque’ elements of horror and humour into a fast-paced and frenetic sound. The band evokes an infectious kind of energy through their music, and they put on a damn good live show as well (or so I’ve heard). " - "The opening double of Monster Part 1 and Rave’s past single of the week A Shot At The Seat, along with the driving single Underground, are easily among the most memorable, hook-laden songs here, frontman Dominic growling like a spectacularly pissed-off Hugh Cornwell. Guitars merrily clang, clatter and bludgeon and the organ stabs bring a Stranglers-y flavour to the songs, yet the massed hollers are an acquired taste, as well as the overall vaudeville/early Horrors-like “spook” slant. That said, the rowdy Henry (“fucking”, of course) Winkler and the waltz-time breaks in Demons are great fun, as are the dynamics in The Murder Song and the closing title track." - Rave Magazine "The Bones is an album with attitude, which definitely takes you on a journey through a range of themes. There’s a lot of dark undertones, and shades of punk, but coupled with the sense of the absurd, and the catchy rhythms, this music defies categorisation." - "Monster Part 1 has a haunted house vibe to it and sets the scene to some degree before rolling into the lead single A Shot At The Seat. This tune is great and, while it’s a bit rough around the edges, the disjointed beats, rolling organs and the vocals layered over the top have worked well. Doctor is another great track and one that should get plenty of Triple J airplay. There’s plenty more left in the tank, with the likes of Henry Winkler, Demons and Underground all pressing for best on album votes." - "Fast-paced, high-energy tunes make their presence well known throughout this album. It’s a pretty schizophrenic onslaught of snappy drumming, slammin’ bass and intermittent, frenzied guitar riffs. The vocals are strong, and at times entirely unexpected. Sounding quite original, though if comparisons must be made, ‘The Bones’ sounds a bit like Arctic Monkeys if they got over themselves and hardened the f*** up. Standout tracks include ‘Underground’ and the grinding, explosive ‘Henry Winkler’. If you like running around your living room salivating and muttering to yourself, this album could be for you." - Scene Magazine "Sharp indie with a careful pop sensibility is the order of the day with Brisbane's Rocketsmiths. Their debut record is as though late 90s Regurgitator grew a beard and listened to more postpunk." - Edge Radio "The discordant guitar, plonking piano and lush harmonies of Monster Part 1 make way for the hyper-active synths, rolling drums and jagged, stop-start vocal work of A Shot At The Seat – and any expectations you were harbouring about the debut full-length effort from Brisbane quintet Rocketsmiths, The Bones, can be safely thrown out the window. As the irreverent, spasmodic Doctor continues to baffle in the best way possible, throwing out wild guitar solos next to shouted chorus lines and over a healthy dose of bass distortion, and the dirty 3/4 waltz of Dennis kicks in, the picture becomes wholly clear: you are, rather officially, attending some kind of aural Carnival of the Damned. The clowns all look like Pennywise; the bearded ladies are more beard than lady... the result is one of the finest local-level debuts you’ll hear this year." - Time Off