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Roots, Rock

band members

Duane Marnell - guitar & lead vocals, Simon Melnyk - keyboard, talkbox & vocals, Andy Felton - Bass, Dave Traina - Drums


Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash, The Beatles


Rocwater offer an original blend of soul, funk, alternate-country, motown, roots & reggae, where each song is treated with the individual respect & attention it deserves, seasoned to taste. Over the past half a decade, Rocwater have built their own organic sound which uses melody, lyric and musicianship to deliver the essential story within the song, regardless of a pigeon-holed musical genre. Sure their music hints at certain styles and influences – moments of Beatlesque melody, the humbleness of country ballads, raw acoustic-rock, and even splashes of Motown soul with a reggae undertow – but no box, and no label. With age comes experience, and with it humility. In early 2004 while recording an EP with his punk band of the time, songwriter Duane Marnell began writing more acoustic guitar based songs – musical stories of the trials of his Central Coast youth. Fast forward over 6 years and the innocent, laidback acoustic vibe of Rocwater has matured into a creature of it’s own. Their self-funded self-titled album (released in March 2008) made a refreshing first statement as the band found their feet and grew together. Since then, endless time spent in garages, jam rooms and 2 tired white tour vans has seen the band naturally evolve to have a unified ‘Rocwater’ sound which still belies generic conformity. 2010 saw Rocwater support touring acts including The Beautiful Girls, Washington & King Tide, as well as spreading entrées of their newest songs across the Central Coast. Come 2011 the boys were off in the studio recording their newest album ‘Broken and Bruised’. Having reduced their lineup to 4 after the departure of lead guitarist Brent Murphy the previous year, the remaining members used the opportunity to work on their strengths & hone in on the energy & sound that they had built over time. As a result their newest offering has an underlying synergy about it, allowing the melodies & songs to breathe between it’s moments of flight, while keeping true to the live Rocwater sound. From intimate dinner shows at Lizotte’s restraurant, to open air festivals at Peats Ridge and Coastfest, even beach-side pubs in Byron Bay, Rocwater tunes have been left lapping in the minds of audiences as varied themselves as the seeds of the songs they hear. It is this unexpected familiarity which somehow manages to creep out through Rocwater’s originality, which - to quote Brian Lizotte - “sticks to the roof of your mouth like peanut butter”.