Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Monster Magnet, Black Label society

band members

Blair Jones - Vocals, Mick Adkins - Guitars, Steve Adkins - Guitars


Soundgarden, Black Sabbath


Blair Jones along with Mick and Steve Adkins are the core members of the band. Founded in 1994 as a side project from their various cover bands, the past 12 years has seen the Rogue Sharks sound develop into something of an eclectic rock style ranging from metal to hard rock to punk! When Steve was recruited in 1998 he brought to the band his skills as a producer and songwriter as well as his artistic flair for album cover and sleeve designs. The band is currently recording their first full length album and has released the single "Let Me Go" in March of 2006. This song has just recently been included on the "Amplified 2006" promotional CD compiled by Arts Tasmania. Back in 1994 Mick and Blair recorded their first E.P “Lock Jaw” under the banner Rogue Sharks, at Apollo Studios in Perth, Western Australia. The guys recorded the songs 'Lock Jaw', 'The Rattler' and their tribute to the legendary singer, Bon Scott, 'Bon Fire". At the time Mick was playing lead guitar in the Perth based AC/DC tribute band AB/CD and Blair was singing in the Australian Iron Maiden Tribute Show – Power Slave Maiden Oz. Mick and Blair also worked together in the cover band 'Live and Dangerous' doing mini tours of country and coastal areas of W.A. On the rare weekend when the band/s were not playing, Mick and Blair would get together to write songs and record demos with a view to eventual professional recording and release. In late 1996 Mick moved back to Tassie and played the covers circuit with various bands and in the process attempting to save enough money to record another EP. During the next couple of years Mick and Steve recorded demos and sent the CDs across the country to WA so that Blair could write the lyrics to their music. In 2004 Mick, Steve and Blair took the plunge to finance the recording of a full length album of their original Rogue Sharks songs. After some changes in musical direction, the boys are finally in the last stages of recording with mixing and mastering to be completed. The album is scheduled for release in October 2006. The Rogue Sharks sound is best described as heavy guitar based power rock ranging from blues based grooves to flat-out heavy metal with a new millennium edge. The current recordings feature bass guitar by local musician Steve Yost and drums by Frank Basile. The touring line up will be a five piece.