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Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock

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Muse, Tears for Fears, The Killers


Lana Del Rey, Tears For Fears, Radiohead, Pet Shop Boys



Perth act Rogues have hit the ground running on the Perth music scene and are promising bigger and better things going forward as they take their craft to new and exciting heights. After meeting in high-school, the group joined forces in 2016 with their collective vision of redefining the modular sounds of eighties synth for a new age more fragmented and discerning than ever before.

The group's first single Double Vision saw the band place one foot on the springboard of the past with the express intent of propelling their musical ambitions forward. Their vision is starting to take shape, with an upcoming debut EP produced by Matt Gio at Rada Studios due out in October 2017. The release will be preceded by the group's second single, but Zach Brown (Bassist) has emphasised their new work won't just follow the lead of Double Vision, stating there is wealth of genres and artists weaved into the fabric of everything they do.

Rogues reimagine the approaches from inspirations as unexpected as Kanye West or The Weeknd, taking little things they like about these artists and "finding ways to make it their own." Brown also hints there are "tracks that are more alt-rock or R&B focused," on the EP which will no doubt exemplify the groups unique approach in stellar sonic form. The release is set for first class treatment being mastered by Grammy award winning William Bowden in Tasmania, who has put his hand to modern Australian classics such Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye.

Brayden Edwards - Xpress Magazine