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Forbes-vox, tyson-guitar, adam-bass, ben-drums


Pearl Jam, Tool, RHCP

Unearthed artists we like

Tinman, Sydonia, BUSHIDO, Head Filled Attraction


RooK (formerly known as Paper Street Sound Company) is the new force in Australian heavy rock. Formed in Melbournes Bayside area in late 2002, RooK has firmly established their place at the top of Melbournes hard rock scene through an unrelenting live presence. Led by Forbes McKail, arguably one of the best hard rock vocalists in Melbourne, RooK combine emotionally charged energy with a raw, chunky drive. Tyson Fish's soaring, uplifting sounds combined with the driving rhythm section of Ben Foley and Adam May create the perfect mix of power and melody. RooKs high energy live performances see them regularly fill venues like the Corner Hotel, Espy and the HiFi Bar & Ballroom. 2005 saw the release of RooKs eagerly-anticipated EP Transitions five tracks that showcase their diversity in sound, song craft and musicianship. Whether RooK play as a fully-amplified, full-power rock band or in an intimate acoustic performance, they leave audiences both inspired and exhausted! RooK have played with the likes of Sunk Loto, Karnivool, 28 Days, Dallas Crane, Full Scale, .hinge, Trial Kennedy, Horsell Common, Seven, King Mungi and Frankenbok. "RooK may just be Australia's best kept secret in the Australian heavy rock scene"... Beat Magazine 2005 "The drummer was really good, i was proud to be there"... Ben's mum at dinner