Artist info


Indie, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Neil Young, The Doors, Bill Callahan, Nick Drake, John Martyn

band members

Rory Newman, Sean Connolly, Matt Salisbury


Radiohead, Otis Redding, Joanna Newsom, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Kate Bush


Singer-songwriter Rory Newman has spent the last few years honing his craft as a songwriter and performer, playing in venues around Melbourne and busking in its streets. Taking his cues from the master songwriters of the 60s and 70s, Rory pens songs dealing with the opportunities and struggles of the present with a nod to his musical predecessors. Some voices are familiar and recognisable from the moment you hear them, and Rory's rich baritone drawl is surely one such voice.

Rory's debut EP Under The Sun presents an impressive range in terms of songwriting and style. Opening with "Nice Guy" a Lou Reed/Brian Eno inspired rock n' roll number poking fun at the much maligned "nice guy syndrome", it moves on to the Dylanesque Folk/Country shuffle of "Dorothy & Tin Man", a fractured-fairytale re-imagining of the titular characters in a love story gone wrong. The title track "Under The Sun" takes the EP to it's dreamy, expansive peak in a swirling wash of spacey guitars and harmonica. A musing on isolation & detachment recorded in pre-lockdown Melbourne in Feb 2020, its lyrics now take on an eerie resonance with the recent experiences of distance and loneliness faced by many of us. The EP culminates in thumping blues-rock à la The Doors with the track "A Beating Heart", a scathing social commentary on the pathological spread of populism and the far-right with their doctrines of bigotry and anti-compassion.