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Pop, Roots

Sounds like

India Arie, Yukimi Nagano, Corinne Bailey Rae

band members

Rosie Henshaw - vocals, guitar, bass, sitar Often joined by the wonderful talents of: Byron Mark - keys/percussion Banel Martinez - guitar


Little Dragon, Nitin Sawhney, NGAIIRE


”Organic acoustic soul, sprinkled with jazz & garnished with a touch of world” For ROSïE, music is more important than food. She sings in her sleep and danced before she walked. During a childhood spent between India, Hong Kong & Sydney, Rosie imbibed music, breathing in life and exhaling song. A healthy diet of western classical music of her mother’s singing background, the 70s funk of her Father’s record collection and an exposure to Indian music via her formal sitar tuition in the boarding school in the Himalayas that she attended for 8 years, provided a culturally rich musical soundtrack to her youth. Becoming proficient in both singing & sitar saw Rosie perform before crowds of thousands in India from the age of 7, and at 13 she began to write songs, accompanying herself on guitar. It may have been while she was wielding said sitar & traipsing the globe with Australian band Old Man River that you’ve seen her perform before, or was it as she was donned in an extravagant costume singing her lungs out as lead singer of Sydney party band The Bakery. Or perhaps it was her slapping a bass with electro/acoustic duo Kinetic Method. Or or groovin' on a Cajon with songstresses NGAIIRE and Sarsha Simone. Wherever it may have been, ROSïE’s musical chameleon-like superpowers have proven there to be no doubt that she has music oozing from every pore. It is through her solo project, however, that she has the opportunity to divulge her soul and share with you her world, in its most organic setting. She draws an audience into an intimate space & then charms them along the journey of her songs, with her musical prowess culminating in a melting pot of acoustically soulful grooves, lush melodies, whimsical stories & smiles – lots of smiles. May 2012 saw her perform with her trio at Takatsuki Jazz Festival in Osaka Japan, as part of her debut solo tour. And black board spots at Woodford (Pineapple Lounge, 2011), National Folk Festival (2012) & Peats Ridge (2009), received her lovely praise & singsong hopes for return visits. Be sure to watch out for this multi-instrument wielding chanteuse, and stay tuned for her debut album to be released later in the year.