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Sounds like

The Cramps, The Growlers, Black Lips

band members

Broc Townsend - Guitar/Vocals Patrick J Thomas - Guitar Bobby Diamond - Guitar Red Velvet - Bass/Vocals Chris Sirote - Drums/Vocals


The Growlers, Allah-Las, Mystic Braves, Black Lips, The Parrots, Mystery Lights, The Murlocs, King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizzard, Straight Arrows


Inspired by the primitive garage trash and strange psychedelic sounds of the 1960s, Rosa Maria create a rock n roll cocktail that’ll possess the hips of any listener. Combine that with an insatiable lust to entertain and an endless list of new material, Rosa Maria are not a band that you will easily forget.

Since performing their first show in early 2017 and releasing their debut album 'Let It Be Known', the band have torn through venues all Australia – playing shows alongside the likes of The Murlocs, Stonefield, The Ruminaters, The Dandelion, Los Tones and a whole stack of others.