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Sounds like

The Cramps, The Growlers, Black Lips

band members

Broc Townsend - Guitar/Vocals Patrick J Thomas - Guitar Bobby Diamond - Guitar Red Velvet - Bass/Vocals Chris Sirote - Drums/Vocals


The Growlers, Allah-Las, Mystic Braves, Black Lips, The Parrots, Mystery Lights, The Murlocs, King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizzard, Straight Arrows


Unhinged freakbeat direct from the nanny state! Rosa Maria are one of those bands that are hard to define. Blending elements of Surf, Psych, Garage & Blues, Rosa Maria create a distinct brand of Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll that is uniquely their own. Combine that with an insatiable lust to entertain and an endless list of new material, Rosa Maria are not a band you will easily forget.