Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

neil young, Velvet Underground, Jenny Wilson

band members

Rosie Sutherland - songs, vocals, guitars; Dan Power - Drums; Adam Barnett - bass; Leah Elliott - vocals


cake, Bob Dylan, Dawn Landes


"U.S. underground... 1968 meets the better part of early 1990s" DH Rosie was the only girl in cult surf band The Val Dusty Experiment and sang with ex-Val Dustys "The Brown Birds from Windy Hill" at Splendour in the Grass 2008. Forming The Thorns in late 2006, Rosie has been spreading her folk-rock sounds along the east coast from Noosa to Avalon. Their debut album "Crazy Talk" is OUT NOW on the Mixmasters label. It was recorded by Mick Wordley (Jeff Lang, The Yearlings...) and mixed/mastered in Adelaide at Mixmasters. Knock yerself out and download 'em here fer freeeeee!!! The image here is from their debut music video "Breakdown (Note to Self)", now playing on the band's website