Artist info


Pop, Roots

Sounds like

The Waifs, ani difranco, dar williams

band members

rosie burgess, sam lohs, tim bennett


be good tanyas, Barenaked Ladies, lyle lovette



In 1996 Rosie Burgess bought herself a 4 track tape recorder and locked herself away in a little room to write songs and set them free. Since then she has recorded countless songs, toured Australia, Canada, America and the UK, and released 11 albums of music, from folk to hip hop and electronica, and back to folk.

For Rosie the key to life is creativity – it’s painting rooms pink because you want to, and laughing about it later. Taking a break from the road, she’s spent the last few years back in hometown Melbourne, with her kid, two cats, and long time partner and musical collaborator, Sam Lohs. There’s been gardening, book writing, bread making, painting, work with the elderly, and of course, a whole lot of music. And having turned the little room off the kitchen into a studio, Rosie suddenly found herself with a handful of new songs, which quickly turned into two handfuls, and suddenly she was sitting on a roomful of music, flapping it’s wings and waiting for release.

But do people really listen to whole albums any more? Who knows! It seemed daunting to release them all at once. So, in a fiscally irresponsible but much more palatable move, Rosie decided to release her new songs in handfuls. Handfuls of love, handfuls of life, handfuls of songs about moments in time when it rained, when there was that dream, that plane ride, the misunderstanding, and of course, the new beginning. And thus, we present to you, Handful, Part One, by Rosie Burgess.

Now with a bunch of gigs lined up for the summer, to accompany this new release, you can expect to see Rosie and her trio standing by the road (probably outside a bakery) in a town near you, some time pretty soon. Having firmly securing a place for themselves as festival favourites, both in Australia and North America, at festivals such as California World Fest, Calgary Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, and more, the trio are excited to be back on the stage, sharing their unique brand of folkroots, harmonies and off-beat humour.

And of course, stay tuned for Handful, Part Two, set for release early 2017.