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Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Laura Marling, The Howling Bells, Katy Steele

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Rosie Catalano


leonard cohen, tori amos, PJ Harvey


Rosie Catalano is a singer-songwriter whose lyrics balance bittersweet nostalgia with playful humour to create vivid, cinematic songs.

Armed with clever lyrics, a steel-string guitar, and a rich, multifaceted voice, Rosie presents songs that are written with an emphasis on narrative and character, providing a colourful and engaging quality to her music.

โ€œHer sugar-syrup vocals and rolling finger-picked guitar melodies made us sigh deeply before breathing in the fresh air of new music that comes without pretense or one-uppery.โ€ - Frankie Magazine

Unearthed in 2014

NIDA Video Clips

30 Mar 2014


Rosie Catalano

Rosie Catalano

Congratulations to our 7 NIDA winners!

Congrats to Loose Change, Coin Banks, Jasia, Halcyon Drive, Julia Why?, Zack Buchanan, and Rosie Catalano who've each won a video clip for their track.