Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

∆, Ben Howard, Jeff Buckley

band members

Jack Dawson- Vox & Keys Joey Dawson- Synth & Percussion Josh Graham- Drums Niels Glahn-Bertelsen- Guitar Emma Rose- Violin Chris Weeks- Bass


Jeff Buckley, Matt Corby, Southerly Change


Round the Corner is a Six piece from Wollongong, the whole band live on the same block and are continually refining their craft in the shed out the back of where Joey and Jack Dawson live. They just finished their sophomore EP "Blacket Street" and are pretty damn proud of it. Most of the EP was recorded in the shed which is bittersweet because the house and shed where it all began is going to get knocked down for some soulless apartments. As they say; You can choose your friends but you can't un-invite the developers. Anyhow we gig whenever we can, you can check out the bands' stuff here, on soundcloud or you can contact us and we can flick you an old school CD. The music is making its' way onto iTunes soon! check the Facebook for gig information.