Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Pogues, Cuntry

band members

Francois DeKlerk - Drums, Chris Brooker- guitar, mandolin, vocals, Rabbit Robinson- fiddle, vocals, Chris Willoughby- bass, Chris Eaton- banjo, guitar, vocals.


Led Zeppelin



From humble beginnings in a shed atop an isolated outcrop, the Round Mountain Girls were brought together for pure musical gratification. With the attitude they bring to every performance, it’s no wonder that they have carved out the reputation, as being one of the most thrilling live bands in Australia.

As one critic aptly said, “A night out with Round Mountain Girls is like a good night in with your partner. They'll leave you hot and sweaty, exhausted but exhilarated, sonically bruised, maybe even a little tender... and yet you'll still end up begging for more”.

“Round Mountain Girls have an insanely infectious bunch of songs - as insane as the mix of characters in the band - and it’s impossible not to be caught up in their infectious Celt-country blend of roots music. I defy you to sit still!!’ Rusty Thorpe—Bluesfest Touring and Marketing Manager, Australia.