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Indie, Metal, Rock, Roots

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Neil Young

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Rowdy Strum


Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Sixto Rodriegus, Joe strummer



.My step father and his brothers always played guitar when i was a kid, the old country and western cowboy tunes, i had a go on the guitar every now and then. Later in life i rented a little house and when i moved in i found a cassette someone had left behind it was Neil Youngs Harvest album i had never really listened to him before. After listening to the cassette several times i went out and bought a guitar and starting learning to play by trial and error. I wrote a song called Feilds of Green a couple of weeks later. Over the next 20 years i had written around 35 songs but never left the bedroom for i didnt think anyone would like my music. In 2011 i entered a competition and won a prize and since then i have grabbed any opportunity to hit the stage whenever i can playing at festivals jam sessions and open mic nights. I aint no fancy pants musician but i download all my songs from my heart and soul and if i could just have 1 song hit the waves i will have reached the reason why i came all this way. To me music is passion im no better than a grade 2 kid with a triangle because they are a musician aswell in my eyes. My influences are Neil young ,Cat Stevens, Sixto Rodriguez, Johnny Cash


Review by Matt Anderson Matt Anderson

14 Aug 2018


Killer track ;)

Killer track ;)