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Electronic, Indie

Sounds like

Vera Blue

band members



Kate Miller-Heidke

Unearthed artists we like

LÂLKA, Clawmachine, May Lyn, Odette, DVNA



Join RUBEE on an emotional journey across dreamy soundscapes of electronica infused folk. With a unique and sophisticated combination of the acoustic and the electronic, this Brisbane based artist crafts meaningful songs about love, life, death and the human condition.

Drawing you out of your comfort zone into a new world of entertainment, RUBEE’s combination of real and synthesised sounds, her powerful operatic vocals and her enchanting brand of fashion, RUBEE is a rare jewel you don’t want to miss. Consisting of the talented Rubee and guitarist Maxx, RUBEE has been performing in venues across south east Queensland. Regularly described as ‘magic by the audience, RUBEE draws inspiration from artists such as Vera Blue and Kate Miller-Heidke, while adding their own, distinctive personality and experiences to the mix, creating a truly special aural experience.