Artist info


Indie, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Tori Forsyth, Charlie Collins, The Vanns, Chris Stapleton, The Lumineers

band members

Patrick Stanton Ruby Stanton Cam Jones


Kasey Chambers, Cold Chisel, Johnny Cash, Chris Stapleton, Noah Gundersen, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles


Paddy (Birdhouse, Poison Peril, Laceout) and Ruby Mae, brother and sister from Melbourne, team up on this collaboration. They realised that they had a similar country/folk vein running through their own solo works, some of which had been written nearly ten years ago. It was meant to be, it’s happening now, get into it.

Loving the sounds of musicians like Chris Stapleton, Tori Forsyth, Noah Gundersen, Kasey Chambers, Johnny Cash, The Lumineers, the duo were drawn to create music with simple guitar foundations and lyrics that punch you in the guts. The end result is bringing ‘country’ music to Melbourne and more, with their ‘own brand’ fusion of indie, alternative, blues, country, folk, and rock.

Come and listen to the full band show on the 28th of May at The Retreat Hotel and celebrate this new project and its first single ‘Shirley’.