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Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

Miley Cyrus

band members

Tash Jamieson + Jeff Deutsch

Unearthed artists we like

RACKETT, Kinder, Kira Puru



Break out the sparkly unicorns and absurd big-buckle belts, Tash Jamieson and her latest music project, Run to the Rescue, will get caught stealing your sorrows red-handed, leaving you with nothing but fierce and fuzzy feels.

Tash, who got her musical start shredding faces off as the singer in a Japanese death metal band at uni in Melbourne in the late 2000s, performed non-stop during her 7 years abroad with funk, rock, and punk outfits in Beijing. Her singing and fashion have taken her to the recording studio for Chinese cinema, the stage in front of 6,000 women as an official ambassador for Lululemon, and onto the pages of COSMOPOLITAN.

Upon her return to Australia in 2018, Tash vowed to combine three of her most intimate loves - sickly sweet electro indie pop music, support for mental health, and radical inclusivity - and that’s just what you’ll get with her first single, Turn the Light On.

Turn the Light On was released on 10 September, 2020 in collaboration with R U OK? Day to celebrate progressive personal sharing, featuring uber personal lyrics drawn straight from the struggles of depression by Tash and her partner and song-writer, Jeff Deutsch. The song snags an all-access pass to your head, heart, and soul with a sugar-high 80s beat you’ll be humming and thrumming to all summer - 9 out of 10 doctors warn that listeners may be subjected to the sudden urge to two-step, snap, pop-and-lock, and even maybe sing along with the windows down while flipping the bird to the shit-stain in the toilet bowl that has been 2020.