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Electronic, Punk

Sounds like

Magnetic Fields, aphex twin, dean martin

band members

rupert chang


Madness, sadness, happiness

Unearthed artists we like

the kindness of strangers


RUPERT CHANG = seriious muzak The only sure thing that can be said about Rupert Chang is that he is BIG in various locations in South East Asia. His music is somewhat electro/punk and has been described as ‘annoying music you can dance to’. Rupert Chang is the masked avenger of seriious muzak. Two of his songs were chosen and broadcast on the SBS show “The Davinci Cup” in mid 2006. His debut performance was at an invite only CD launch for the band ‘The deadly nightshade family’ at the Forest Food Lounge-West end. Rupert’s performance shocked many with its painfully addictive beats and party poppers. The masked roller-girl even made an appearance and both her and Rupert ended the night covered in fake blood. Some drugged out punk even lay on the floor and spat on Rupert’s keyboard. Was it part of the act? Nobody knows.