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Sounds like

Waterline Rising

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Sian Evans (guitar, vocals), Al Skinner (uke, banjo, vocals), Fern Thompsett (fiddle, vocals)


2011 Brisbane Floods


The Rusty Datsuns’ have been winning hearts and inciting hoedowns since their formation during the infamous 2011 floods. It was an extraordinary twist of fate that brought the three respected, prolific and slightly crazy musicians, Sian Evans (Bessy-Lou, Pollysasin), Fern Thompsett (These Dirty Bones) and Alex Skinner (Chocolate Strings), together. Keeping high and dry in an old Queenslander while the Brisbane flood waters rose around them, the Dattos music was forged with no power, some instruments and a few rain buckets of talent, the unlikely combination yielding a rare musical chemistry. Combining sweet vocal harmonies over a backdrop of deftly finger-picked guitar, banjo, ukelele and soaring fiddle the ‘Dattos’ live show has crowds dancing jigs and making merriment aplenty with their spellbinding performance, a fresh take on modern folk with a healthy bluegrass twinge. Since the waterline receded and the lights returned in early 2011, the band have secured a large, loyal fan base on their home turf of West End, and extended their audience with coveted spots at festivals like Island Vibe and Kuranda Roots. Their debut EP - 'Let It Rain' captures the magic of this moment in time and is out now.