Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Hoodoo Gurus, Swayback, The Exploders

band members

Joel Snowden- Guitar, Mark Perry- Bass, Earl Leonard- Vocals, Chris Ruddick- Guitar, Chris Hanrahan- Drums


rolling stones, Guns'n'Roses, Dead Salesmen


The Rye Catchers are a five peice rock band from Victoria, Australia. This is their story: Joel Snowden, one half of a duel guitar attack and youngest member of the Rye Catchers laughs; out on the dance floor the bands front-man, Earl Leonard, is crawling on hands and knees; hugging the legs of random members of the crowd as he wails out a tail of woe theyre just about to get to the heavy bit. Last time they played this song the usually laid back Mark Perrys bass ended up on the other side of the room; and the threat is constantly in his eyes as atomic-clock-tight drummer Chris Hanrahan starts working up the rhythm. The lads ripped through their set of punchy, rock tunes and now they pull out the stops; Chris Ruddick knows its time, he lets his guitar scream and all hell breaks loose, the way Saturday Nights are meant to. As one young fan, Rudolf Schmidt, put it I really get a bang out of the Rye Catchers, I really do. Theyre not phoneys. Theyll be playing your favourite song, and maybe theyll stretch it out and add a bit, just because they feel like it and youll really feel a part of whats happening, because you can tell they mean it. It knocks me out when a band does that. The Rye Catchers really rock; they get a bang out of what they do. You can tell that about them. Catch the Rye Catchers when you can, Jim Steele.