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Sounds like

slayer, Sepultura, Kreator

band members

Doug Murray - guitars/vocals, Ben Yates - drums, Mick Evans - Guitars, Sam 'Jangles' Brown - Bass


Kreator, Sepultura, slayer


For bookings or a press kit please contact our management New album 'Collision' available now from Sabretung will leave their mark as one of the most intense musical monsters on the planet, continuing the legacy of the sounds pioneered by bands such as Kreator, Sepultura and Slayer. With supports for both national and international acts such as Warbringer, Paul Dianno, Mortal Sin, The Amenta, Double Dragon, Frankenbok, Five Star Prison Cell, Lord and Daysend under their belts, the band continues to spread their aural violence to head bangers young and old, bringing a cleansing inferno of unrelenting raw aggression to a metal scene overgrown with contrived technicality and half-hearted brutality.