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Hip Hop, Indie, Pop

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Sahar Salahshori Michael Iannotti



Sahar & Michael are a dynamic soul/hip-hop/RnB duo from Western Sydney. Sahar is Iranian-born, Sydney-raised singer / songwriter / MC / poet who returned to music after quitting her career as a frustrated lawyer, yearning to escape the self-proclaimed rat race she found herself trapped in.

In 2015, Sahar met gifted yet humble guitarist, Michael and the pair began performing Sahar’s originals as an acoustic duo with songs that promoted socially conscious artistry, playfully entitled The Rat Race Resistance. As Sahar cleverly conveyed a wide range of her social, political, spiritual and philosophical reflections, Michael provided the guitar grooves to keep the inspiration flowing and audiences enthralled.

After some time spent abroad, followed by commencing studies at the Australian Institute of Music, Sahar further honed her craft when she decided to leave Sydney and begin travelling and living in her bus across the east coast of Australia. This reflective time away from her hometown (and from Michael) inspired intermittent visits back to Sydney to record the next lot of songs that had been channelled to her when travelling.

In 2020, Sahar & Michael set to release their debut EP entitled Run Free, combining Sahar's velvety vocals and thought-provoking lyricism with Michael's prodigious guitar skills to produce a smooth, soulful sound weaving together elements of various musical styles. Some packing a political punch and others guaranteeing to fill you up with some chicken soup for the soul and ears.