Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Johnny Cash, Kings of Leon, The Doors

band members

Matt Hickey - vocals, Danny Smith - guitar, Nick Dupleix - guitar, Chris Wright - bass, Thomas Van Der Vliet - drums


The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Stooges

Unearthed artists we like

Shaman Son, Little Red, The Fearless Vampire Killers


Voted one of Australia’s TOP 50 emerging bands by industry experts in ‘UncharTED’ Competition 1 AND Compeition 2, 2009. State Finalists in National University Band Competition, 2009 Saint James is a five-piece rock and roll band made up of five friends from country New South Wales. Coming together in the cold winter of 2005, Saint James have spent the past year in the rehearsal studio perfecting their repertoire of original, energetic, punchy songs. Since moving to Melbourne to play live in the city and find their fortune, Saint James, with their very own swinging rock and roll, have developed a following for incendiary live performances and catchy tunes, as well as some big name supports for such bands as Hot Little Hands, The Exploders, Red Riders, The Silents, little red, the fearless vampire killers and children collide. Taking their name from a teenage hang-out, Saint James are ready to positively further their already growing reputation. Saint James have recently finished their debut E.P which was recorded at Hot House studio’s in Melbourne (Jet, Franz Ferdinand, Morning After Girls, Wilco) Saint James have also recently received airplay on WHYS 96.3FM USA - (yeah...we're huge oversea's) Jim Morrison once said he wished his band to create a new wild west, Saint James wish to continue that idea by creating their very own swinging south. "Saint James made me want to whoop and holler. Shit kicking country. Cool vocals, great guitar picking from a guitarist who spent most of the show with his back turned to the crowd. The band were like a tar papered shack. Threatening to fall over, but it all holds together. One slower song reminded me of the Triffids, but other songs had echoes of Johnny Cash with the railroad beat. Rockabilly? Not quite, but really something. Cool, but hot. Most exciting band I've seen in ages at the Indie Initiative." Neil Wedd, Indie Initiative