Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

The Amity Affliction, Architects, Northlane, Bring Me The Horizon

band members

Scott Willis - Vocals Damon Koolstra - Vocals/Bass Micheal Kancelarczyk - Vocals/Guitars Micheal Ryan - Guitars Cameron Davies - Drums



SAINTS ALIGHT are a 5-piece metalcore band from Brisbane, Australia. Drawing inspiration in crossing and transcending the boundaries of genre, these boys have produced a concentrated and melodically unique sound, the perfect mix of crushing hardcore riffs and abstract ambient soundscape.
The debut Perceptions is stained with provocative thematics, reinforced by arresting heavy vocals as well as melodic singing. “It’s a journey of self discovery and remembering life isn’t always what it seems, more what you make of it” says vocalist Scott Willis. “Our potential as human beings is limited only by what we let limit us”. Produced by Stevie Knight at Electric Sun Studios and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound (BMTH/Sempiternal), SAINTS ALIGHT transition between velvet tones and brutal omnipresence- A striking balance of light and shade.
Having played alongside some of Australia’s premier metalcore acts such as The Amity Affliction/Northlane/Confession/Prepared Like a Bride/House Vs Hurricane, SAINTS ALIGHT’s first single“Constellations” has garnered 15k views on YouTube, confirming their appeal is solidly entrenched for such a young unsigned band.
Proving through their frenetic live shows that the purest of heavy music will always sustain, Brisbane’s SAINTS ALIGHT are the new renegades, the contemporary breed and Australia’s next taste of modern metalcore.