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Indie, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Honest John, The Comfortable Chair, REM, Wilco, The Mutton Birds, Stray Cats, Ryan Adams, Neil Finn, You Am I

band members

Sean Batman (guitar, banjo and vocals) (ex - The Pun) Glen Colley (guitar, bass and vocals) (ex - Honest John, 3 on the Tree, The Trophy Wives) Alan Moore (drums and vocals) and Rob Spence (guitar, bass and vocals) (ex - The Comfortable Chair)


"...a collection of really good songs delivered sometimes with a wry grin, other times with a heavy heart. 3&1/2 stars".
Jeff Apter (SMH)

Salty’s origins lay in Gerringong Breakers Football Club B-team. After passing around musical anecdotes in the mid-field with grace and aplomb, Colley and Moore came to the slow realisation that their skills were perhaps better showcased off the pitch.

The addition of consummate team player Batman led to some barn-burning live performances and Salty continued to raise the bar with the inclusion of fellow Breakers play-maker Spence.

With four singers and three songwriters, Salty have blown the game wide open. Blending rock, folk and ska with a hint of swampy countrified blues, Salty are really starting to make some noise.

In early 2016, Salty recorded their debut album 100 Fallen Stars, co-produced by legendary south coast sound master Syd Green, about whom the statistics tell the whole story.

100 Fallen Stars sees Salty dig deep into the kit bag and really turn it up a notch. Over ten songs, Salty throw the game plan out the window, up the tempo and rise to the occasion.

But at the end of the day, Salty know that the crowd factor is everything. When the crowd is pumping and the band is firing on all cylinders, you can really feel the momentum swinging. It’s quite literally, pandemonium.

Just get out there and have some fun.