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After embarking on an extended sojourn through Latin America, penning songs for her forthcoming new album, Byron Bay singer/songwriter Sam Buckingham drops the album’s long awaited first single ‘The Water’.

Speaking directly to a loved one experiencing depression, Buckingham’s message is clear:

“It’s a song about finding a space where you can allow light to come in. We all experience darkness and difficulty, and that’s an integral part of life - This song is about knowing there’s always somewhere to go to take a breath, connect with yourself and keep walking through.”

Having released two independent albums and lapping the country countless times on house concert tours, Buckingham has built a reputation as one of Australia’s most authentic and prolific songwriters. Playing alongside the likes of Katie Noonan, Washington and Lior and gracing stages at the country’s premier festivals, Buckingham is at once a seasoned performer and a compelling, emerging talent in Australia’s burgeoning singer/songwriter scene.

‘The Water’ is the title track from Buckingham’s forthcoming new album. Recorded over seven days in a converted horse stable on the south coast of NSW, the album is somewhat of an audio journal, documenting Buckingham’s travels.

With one simple goal - to travel where she could practice yoga and where there was water - the pilgrimage saw her working on a permaculture farm in Costa Rica, with Sea Shepherd on a turtle conservation project in Honduras, and studying acrylic painting in Granada, Nicaragua. Buckingham finished up in the south of Mexico formalising her ongoing studies and becoming a certified yoga teacher, before returning home to begin putting the album together.

“This song was one of the first I wrote for the album and, over time, it’s become a message to myself, and the idea of ‘the water’ doesn’t represent an external, physical location anymore. It’s become a place that I can access internally - It’s always there, as long as I’m willing to go there.”


Reviewed by Dom Alessio Dom Alessio

29 Aug 2012

Triple J

This song's so beautifully direct and emotional that you can't help but get drawn into its turbulent world.

This song's so beautifully direct and emotional that you can't help but get drawn into its turbulent world.