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Hip Hop, Indie

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Sam Paul Beats (Producer / Emcee)



Born in Adelaide and raised in Darwin from the early 80's, Sam Paul embarked on a journey of music creation from the late nineties. With a strong interest in sample based music, he mashed genre's together until he created his own unique sound. Drawing influence from grunge, rock, jazz, funk, soul and hip hop - he released many demos under different guises before settling on Sam Paul, or Sam Paul Beats. A self taught musician and producer, he later undertook music studies at Tafe, becoming increasingly proficient on the bass guitar and keyboard. Early experience saw him receive little to no support from his Hip Hop peers, and thus his alter ego "The Outsider" was born. This spawned his debut full length album of the same name, and gained him a strong underground following in his hometown of Adelaide. Sam Paul has worked with many scene leaders including Reason (Obese Records), Okwerdz (USA), Chance Waters, to name a few. He has remixed track by Vents & Hilltop Hoods. He has also contributed instrumental beats for a literacy class in the USA where a Harvard graduate (and author) - uses Hip Hop to help kids express themselves with the written word. He has returned to the studio to work on his follow up album, "Read Between The Rhymes". The debut single - co-produced by Sam Paul and Double Shot Productions has garnered him notice from the industry, clocking up an astounding 2,000 views on YouTube. Currently in the final stages, the follow up single "Walk Alone" has been produced by Broken Tooth producer (and one half of Known Associates) Ciecmate. The single and video are due for release soon.