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Rock, Pop

Sounds like

Green day, Queen, Ben Folds

band members

Sam Pollard - Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Brass. Dave Norris, Bass, B Vox. Albi: Guitars, B Vox. Ricky Evensend: Drums


muse, Queen, Stereophonics

Unearthed artists we like

Box Rockets, Little Red


Sam Pollard began playing the piano at the age of five and has never looked back. Sam is a gifted composer and an accomplished multi instrumentalist. He plays piano, keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, cornet, trumpet and trombone and has a voice that can brilliantly blend various styles to create the sound that is “Sam Pollard”. Raised in the UK but relocated to Australia, Sam's musical influences include the best of British rock as well as classical and jazz styles. Classically trained, with live experiences ranging from rock to big band jazz and improv, Sam's excitement for music shines through in his performances. Sam completed his debut album "World of Difference" with his band and producer Jimi Maroudas at "Sing Sing" studios in Melbourne. This body of work is an album with multiple personalities. Sam Pollard is a guitar rocker à la Muse, a piano rocker à la Ben Folds, and occasionally a ska rocker à la Sublime. The currents change on “World of Difference” as often as the wind here in Buffalo. The result is an amazingly fluid and enlightening listening experience. Sam’s music crosses a number of genres from acoustic singer-songwriter to alternative rock and has been compared (amongst others) to Robbie Williams, Queen, David Blunt, Crowded House and Lior. The album received a GrIndie award from RadioIndy who said, “Pollard’s vocals are rhythmical and have a fashionable flair of alternative pop/rock. His lyrics are narrative and bouncy and he delivers a message within each song as a chronicle of events”. The album also caught the ears of Blue Pie’s CEO, Damien Reilly who quickly signed Sam up to the Blue Pie family and invited him to Sydney to perform and showcase his talents. Sam’s accomplishments include winning the 1st prize in the 2010 “WhoTune Keyboard Superstar Competition” with the song “Better Way” and a live online performance judged by music industry professionals. Although performed on keyboards, this song was actually the first thing Sam played after buying a new acoustic guitar, as he describes: “The structure and lyrics just seemed to come from somewhere inside the guitar”. The win was a fantastic achievement for Sam and his music in the face of some tough competition and has helped to set him on the path to greater success with increased exposure. It also landed him a new keyboard as one of the prizes. Public interest and radio play has been increasing with over 200 stations globally now spinning songs from the "World of Difference" album. Sam had a busy year in 2010 developing his fan base through album sales, festivals, gigs and performing live on radio, and he now has his eyes set on touring from 2011 onwards after a planned trip to California to record his next album. Sam and Blue Pie are currently bunkering down to plan and produce his follow-up album to "World of Difference". Working with Damien Reilly, Stephen Wrench, Mark Haughton, Terry Nails and the Blue Pie hit machine, Sam will be in production sessions, writing and recording over the next 6 months; and planning his global assault into the USA and UK from January 2011.