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Rock, Pop

band members

Sam Cooper - guitar, lead vocals. Ambrose Kenny-Smith - harmonica, vocals. Lonnie Carland - drums. Lucas Skinner - bass, vocals. Cal Shortal - guitar


the band, Otis Redding, Bo Diddley

Unearthed artists we like

The Houses, Revolver & Sun


Sambrose Automobile, a dynamic quintet formed in 2007 on the influence of delta blues and southern soul, are building a reputation as one of the tightest and most exciting young rhythm and blues bands throughout the Geelong and Melbourne areas. Their soul driven vocal attack, duelling harmonica and guitar and a groove laced rhythm beat, are the driving force behind the bands authentic sound. Sambrose Automobile’s rapidly growing reputation lies in their dedication to an entertaining live show, which has evolved from their residency at the infamous Piping Hot Chicken Shop, regular shows at renowned Geelong and Melbourne venues (such as the Nash, Grace Darling, Yah Yah’s) and festival appearances (including the 2010 Boogie Festival with Justin Townes Earle and the Wagons, Queenscliff and Apollo Bay Music Festivals). The performance of Sambrose Automobile has also been showcased in support of numerous musical luminaries including Chris Wilson, Sarah Carroll, Stephen Cummings, Geoff Achison, Collard Greens & Gravy and Broderick Smith.