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Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Sam IAm and a huge mix of Genres in a washing machine blended into fine music

band members

Samuel Victor Hutchin - Vocals Sam IAm - GuitArs Samuel Victor Hutchin - Bass Sam IAm - Drums


Too many to mentioni just one



Who is the mastermind behind this artist
Who is Sam I Am
Is one hell of a, Vocalist and guitar player, born in Paddington Women's Hospital and raised in a small town Dee Why, Sydney, Australia.
Famous for its Dee Why Point a wave certainly not to be messed with, a lot like Sam IAm music, - A.K.A Sammy Hutchin, a solo Blues & Roots Multi Instrumentalist a raw, earthy, energetic, guitarist and songwriter with a deep soulful voice in which comes straight from the heart.

You can tell there has been alot of blood, sweat, hard work and determination a solo artist needs to get where he is going a young artist should look to him and they do for the hard work he puts in to perfecting his craft and leave a mark in this world
Playing well over 1000 gigs,shows,open mics,festivals,competitions.weddings. Playing all over Australia starting on the street corners busking 16 years ago.Sammy Hutchin- aka Sam IAm has been a very busy,artist, in that time having ran his own open mic @ Club Palm Beach , the home of Summer Bay it went for 2.5 yrs. Which also masterminded with the owner of Mona Vale Music -( Gavin Leach - The Distant Sons) a competition for young musicians was very sucessful and had 130 artists enter from all over Sydney which spawned 2 young artist, who have lived in LA as working artists for the last 5 years,
A Troubadour, story teller some say a cruisy poetic gentleman which he's telling the world of his life's journey, adventures ,losing his friends & them finding him, death, love. Becoming a family man, having a huge connection with the ocean and earth adventures His vivid imagination runs wild and isn’t stopping anytime soon as his drive and passion for his love of music is to tell everybody across the world his stories.

Sam IAm, as cruisy and layed back as he may seem, his love and passion for the blues drives his vision for his music to grow. Knowledge is power and he loves nothing more than to learn more about his instruments and music itself.
Being self taught on every instrument he has learned which makes him more tenacious and keeps the fire inside burning to conquer these beasts of instruments and having completed his Bachelor Of Sound & Lighting Performance Degree, music runs through his vains.

His tenacious outlook on life doesnt stop there have competed in many competitions over the years he has made the finals every time. His biggest achievement coming in 2013, after being asked by a friend to enter to make up the numbers he did just that entering a video getting through the first two rounds and making the Byron Bay BluesFest Busking Final placing in the top 12 @ Bryon Bay Hotel.

Sam Iam has the last few years been so bizi and yiuve seen him play live you will understand why he is starting toi get noticed his live shows isnt so much loud but intense get out and see this kid coming to a venue near you


Review by Nkechi Anele Nkechi Anele

10 Jan 2020

Triple J

This is an interesting one. I think rhythmically its's a bit ambiguous and perhaps takes away from the vocal delivery but, overall unique in its own way.

This is an interesting one. I think rhythmically its's a bit ambiguous and perhaps takes away from the vocal delivery but, overall unique in its own way.