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Hip Hop, Indie, Pop, Rock


old school beats new school flows rock rap indie grime, tech N9ne Chris Webby Emeinem big L Bigge smalls, froggy fresh nas mr grevis

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Sammy is an Auckland born Rapper living in Melbourne.
Stifled by life in New Zealand having found a lack of a scene he migrated to Australia and never looked back

His beginnings as an artist was unpleasant learning to rap as a way to channel the voices that he was hearing while withdrawing from synthetic drugs.
the affects off battling an addiction on his own the voices became his only companion and the split personalty can clearly be heard with the different tracks going from one extreme to another.

Anyone who has seen Sammy preform will tell you he can project and has great stage presence.
Having fined his craft studying drama during school years but he quickly transferred his ability's in to rap and began frequenting open mics, cypher sessions and busking on the street

Last year having opened for Bliss n Eso In Queenstown NZ as he received a bit of attention back home but his heart is in Australia.

Always working on new material and looking to grow as an artist.
Recently having had a track Produced by Motley he is steadily making a name for himself with the hints of an up and coming EP with tracks produced by Gzutek