Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Angie McMahon

band members

VOCALS - Samantha Honeysett GUITAR - Michael Calcutt BASS - Isaac Cagnoni DRUMS - Dom Corso


Middle Kids, Angie McMahon, Jack River

Unearthed artists we like

Eleanor Jacks, Ali Barter


Step into the dreamy sonic musings of Sammy Honeysett. Coming from South-West Sydney, she turns indie-esque chords into landscapes of pop indulgence with melodies and hooks to match, with witty-plaintive reflections of her life spelled out in writing that will sink it's teeth in as a direct line to your feels.
Sammy's first foray into solo work provides the perfect pastel colour palette for an increasingly over-saturated world. This project (backed by her trio and a guitar) has already amassed a catalogue of material that will be a treat for fans of artists like Tia Gostelow, Middle Kids, Ball Park Music or Alex Lahey. Her first single "Jones Street" is on track for a Sept. 2019 release!