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Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop

Sounds like

Hilltop Hoods, 360, Bliss & Eso, Horrorshow, Thundamentals, Spit Syndicate

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Sam Paul (Producer / Emcee)


While Australian Hip Hop has continued to grow and prosper over the past 10 years, one artist has continued to succeed against the odds. Sam Paul is a name synonymous with Hip Hop and continues to support others on his journey through his music, weekly radio show and label Alcatrax.

Sam Paul started out at a time when Hip Hop was just starting to find it's feet in Australia. Having left his stomping ground of Darwin, and returning to his home town of Adelaide, he pursued his dream solo. He has drawn influence from a broad range of music reaching much further than his trademark Hip Hop style.

After countless underground gigs and a handful of early releases ('Decypher The Rhyme', 'The Outsider' and 'Beg, Borrow & Steal') he is currently set to drop his first album in over 4 years, 'This Is Me'. Already producing YouTube hit 'The Vibe', which has created a stir with over 5,000 hits - This Is Me is set to reignite his position in the Hip Hop community. Produced and recorded almost entirely in his home studio, 'This Is Me' features few collaborations. Production credits are almost exclusively his own, with Ciecmate (Broken Tooth Entertainment/Chess Sounds) and DJ Debris (Hilltop Hoods/Takeaway Studios) the only outside producers to feature.

Sam Paul has cemented himself firmly in the scene as a vibrant and entertaining performer, having performed alongside some of Australia's most promising artists including Full Tote Odds, Chance Waters, Koolta (HTH Initiative winner), NJE, Cheap Sober, Social Change, Dialect & Despair, as well as some of the scene leaders including Reason (Obese) and international stars such as The Game. He has toured extensively up and down the east coast.

Apart from his accomplishments on stage, Sam Paul has also enjoyed success off stage with his label Alcatrax. It has proven to be an incubator for many artists including NJE, Dialect, The Ruckman, Foul Mouth Kings and Ryan Egan through an annual mixtape series.

Apart from the label, Sam Paul continues to give back to the scene via his highly successful radio show 'The Sample' which has found a new home on Goonbag Radio. It has now run for over 2 years giving support to many emerging artists.

With all these accolades, Sam Paul continues to rise through the ranks of Australian Hip Hop as he chisels himself a place in the forefront of the Australian Music Industry. Sam Paul has continued to stay true to his music and retained integrity in an industry that has a tendency to value the transient.


Review by Nox Nox

13 Feb 2017


Great message, awesome beats :)

Great message, awesome beats :)