Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

A range of different styles, crossed between, indie, fast rock and melody punk

band members

Anthony Dean- drums, Geoff Mullard - guitar and vocals and Andrew Macdonald - bass.


Front End Loader, Swervedriver, plus many others


Its been 19 years since the members of Sandpaper, Anthony Dean, Geoff Mullard and Andrew Macdonald first got together “for a jam” in a dingy Arc-Up Studio basement in Mayfield, they still enjoy the total energy of their live performance. The songs we play were rehearsed a lot at Arc-up Studios over the years and they hold a lot of power for us now, so we still like to play them. That place was sort of home for the band as well and music was played there all the time. During their existance the band has supported the likes of, FRENZAL RHOMB and personal favourites FRONT END LOADER just to name a few. One of our best gigs ever was with SWERVEDRIVER at the now dead and defunct Newcastle Palais Royale. They also produce a number of releases including a demo tape called "Nowhere Fast", a Self Titled EP and a best of compilation CD called Greatest Hits Volume 2. The crew have also spent numerous hours in the ever faithful “sand van” touring up and down the coast flogging their CD’s, meeting people, networking and generally enjoying what can be at sometimes, a crazy life on the road. Some how they continue to come out the other end alive and kicking, always ready to punch out a few old tunes one more time. The band has been writing new material and added a new member with the aim of producing a new CD and doing gigs in the next couple of months