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Indie, Rock

band members

George Inglis - vocals/guitar/synth/bass Matt Barta - guitar Shaun Samulenok - bass/vocals Luca Soprano - drums


tame, pond, gizz, jimi, and all that jazz

Unearthed artists we like

Eddy Dillon, Jarrow



Formed in early 2017, Sapphire Street is a collective effort fueled by the passion for melody and downright grooviness of singer/guitarist George Inglis, drummer Luca Soprano, guitarist Matt Barta and bassist Shaun Samulenok. The band have been working tirelessly to bring their unique blend of classic and psychedelic inspired rock tones to the world, frequenting Melbourne venues including Cherry Bar, The Tote and The Evelyn. Currently working on a debut LP from their home studio in Melbourne, and due to finish around the end of 2018, audiences should ready themselves for the soon-coming heavy-psych epic that is to be.