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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

P J Harvey, XTC, Elijah

band members

Joe Savage - everything , Band Members - the rest , Bass - Al Wayslookin - Percussion - Coll Aboration


Peter Gabriel, Tom Waites, The kooks


Hello, I am Joe Savage, performer writer and sound artist SaVaggio. Traveling Australia and the Globe. I collaborate with alternative and exceptional artists, musicians and seed my own voice and unique musical/visual/imaginative cretions. SaVaggio conveys a perception...... collection of human parameters. Performing live at festivals and concerts around Australia and the Uk ( Germany / Austria pending ) and I record worlds turning. Originally from Swindon, UK and very influenced by much UK, Australia and New Zealand music, working with such artists as Hugh Cornwell of the Stranglers and recording in Peter Gabriel Studio at Real world Studios. "I love music from Australia, New Zeland and and all over the planet. Writing my artistry and performing is a calling I cannot stop"...... Music Technology and .....NME....... Please enjoy these songs which demon-straight a range of my vocal and artistry works ( demon.... being the operative word ) and I am in the process of recording now with video, bass, drums, me, anyone, you, friends and more. I hope you enjoy my developmental process. Get in contact if you would like to collaborate in some way. J.S.