Artist info



Sounds like

The Casualties, The Exploited, Toxic holocaust

band members

Con Swine - Guitar/Yelling, Nath - Bass/Yelling, James - Drums/Yelling,


Street punk, Thrash, Punk

Unearthed artists we like

The Half Pints, DSMB, D Rouser


The Scam are a 3 piece Street Punk band from Qld, Australia. Formed in the end of 09 as an alternative to the G-Rated rock and Dub Step invasion on the Gold Coast, The Scam have shown no signs of slowing down delivering their own brand of Thrash Street Punk to venues Australia wide, Touring and sharing the stage with the likes of The Casualties, Municipal Waste, The English Dogs,D.O.A, The Business, Guttermouth, The Jet Boys, MDC and many many more. They Released their first (now out of print) 10 track EP “Since when is hardcore rated g?” in 2011 and followed in April 2012 with the release of their first full length album “Songs of the Doomed” (available on iTunes), and the release of their upcoming split 7 , The Scam have earned themselves a reputation as one of QLDs hardest working bands. But actions are louder than words, so come to a show to find out what were really about! find us on iTunes @ Youtube @