Artist info



Sounds like

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rival Sons, Rory Gallagher

band members

Alex Hardy - Guitar/vocals Keir Brown - Bass/backing vocals Anthony Lomma - Drums


Kings X , Jeff Beck, Extreme, The Police , Alice In Chains



Scatterback’s lineup of guitarist Alex, bass player Keir and drummer Anthony creates a powerful musical cocktail of hard rock with a funk twist on the side. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, the band’s mission is to create an atmosphere of excitement for their fans by serving up a mix of catchy riffs, sweet and mesmerising bass lines and a beat to move you, body and soul.

“On their debut single One Way World, Western Australia-based outfit Scatterback deliver a dynamic slice of genre-bending brilliance…with deeply infectious bass lines, crunching guitars, and dynamic vocal hooks, One Way World is bursting at the seams with pure sonic energy.” - Happy Mag, June 2019