Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Faith no more, Black Sabbath

band members

Gerant Johnston - vocals Paul McIntyre - guitar Tim Clack - bass Cal Blackman - drums


Blood duster, Faith no more


With an entertainment value second to none, Schlauncher have stunned the East Coast of Australia with their unique wall of sound for six consecutive years. While their live show and stage presence leave all for dead, their recordings offer a rare moment of calm where one can consume the solid rock outfit’s musical conquests without the obscure theatrics that have made Schlauncher the band to see and talk about. Quotes Simon Wooldridge – Rolling Stone: For those who reckon QOTSA turned their back on the roots of stoner rock – then f**k it – anyone else who likes their metal prepare to be disturbed and yet entertained. Matt Reekie – BLUNT Magazine: Schlauncher are “The Dawn of the Dead of Rock!” Steve Anderson – DRUM MEDIA: Newcastle’s Schlauncher – well they’re quite the hoot. Special mention has gotta go out to front-dude. I’ve witnessed some suspect stage moves in my time, but his flaying himself has to be seen to be believed... "So uncool they're way cool." Michael Gadd – The Newcastle Herald: The lads from Schlauncher have given the bloated Newcastle rock scene a kick in the backside since forming… Their hot, heavy and theatrical live shows have earned them a loyal following.