Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Talking Heads, XTC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Zappa, , The Police, CAKE, Lou Reed,

band members

Terry J Vinci - Drums & Vocals Cody Robson - Bass Dorothy Helfgott - Keyboards Adrian Vinci - Guitars & Production


Radiohead, The Dandy Warhols, Frank Zappa, XTC, Talking Heads



Formed with a deep passion for crafting recorded works, Songwriter/Drummer Terry J Vinci continues to release independent originals, sourced from his love of all things rhythmical, most things musical and a knack for penning quirky lyrics.

With initial plans of an EP release being quashed back in 2005, it soon became apparent the creative vibe was flowing. The result was a debut, self-titled Scizzorman LP with 11 tracks making the cut mixing Rock, Funk & Soul with opening track Bubble voted in as Finalist at the National Music Oz Awards.

Continuing to work tirelessly as a freelance Drummer on other projects, Terry’s network base of underground musicians grew, fueling his desire to continue recording. Working with an even broader spectrum of talent and more songs in the pipeline, the logical step was a long awaited follow up. After some personal setbacks that postponed the release, Awake to Dream was upon us in 2011. Building on genres from the debut, a more eclectic style was apparent, interwoven with Folk, Punk & Jazz, which produced an experimental yet mainstream vibe.

Having worked with an array of talented musicians, the time was right to focus on a minimalist approach to songwriting with a technological twist. An EP entitled Buried Pleasures surfaced with collaborations & remixes, resulting in that quirky contagious sound, only this time in a compact format. These 5 tracks have just completed a successful 2 month holiday campaign on US College Radio Stations.

Recently that process was revisited with a follow up Single & Video in 2017, called Souls of the Past. With more time now being dedicated to new originals the alternative, refreshing style of Scizzorman continues to evolve. With a new album pending in 2018 called Schizophonic, get ready to ride the new wave and vibe of our very own home grown Artist, Scizzorman.