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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Your Mum

band members

Michael Paver - Vocals/Guitar Bobby Burgess - Guitar/Vocals Red M Redmond - Bass/Vocals Tim Stacey - Drums


stones, Small Faces, The Who


The Scotch of St. James have been promising a lot since their arrival in the late Noughties. It’s clear that established artists have quite a bit of respect for the gents as they have been ably supporting a plethora of bands but have yet to hit the big league themselves. With their heavy bass lines and pounding drumming, it’s easy to see why the label of ‘stoner rock’ has been thrown on them. They are more than that though, guitarist Bobby Burgess possesses some bitchin’ guitar riffs that adds to the furious percussion played by drummer Simon Roggio. Throw in Paver Pickens’ dynamic vocal performance and James Samborski’s wild bass work and you have a show full of fun, fast, unadulterated rock. Pickens’ dedicated Cheap Shot “to the ladies in the crowd” much to the appreciation of the ‘woo girls’ in the audience. The guys show their flexibility in their arrangement too by occasionally allowing another to sing or swapping rhythm guitar and bass duties. The track 100 lapsed into absolutely primal territory which would have been good to hear more of, and hopefully the guys have some more of this on offer in future sets. Unfortunately the crowd appeared to be rather static which is surprising considering the type of music being played. Perhaps the young crowd was waiting for something else, another dimension to the band’s repertoire, but this is unfairly so. Live shows are where musicians get noticed and hopefully there were enough people on Saturday night that noticed The Scotch of St. James. Pure rock’n’roll. "Review from FasterLouder"