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Gang of youths, Paul Dempsey, Dean Lewis, James Blunt

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Amy Shark, Snow Patrol


Scott Everything is a singer/songwriter from Fremantle, Western Australia. At the age of 28, Scott has released his debut single titled ‘Know You Better’ – a song he initially penned five years ago, in 2012.
Scott’s soft and silky vocals intertwine effortlessly with the simplistic melody in his tracks almost as if he has taken a leaf out of James Blunt’s book. The instrumentals and composition of his songs are beautiful and compliment his vocals creating a soothing, calm, harmonious emotion.
Scott’s music journey thus far has been short and sweet having originally starting out in cover bands, Scott quickly got the hunger to branch out in to playing originals. Armed with a guitar, Scott began writing and continued to perform local gigs three or four times a week. Scott roughly recorded an EP worth of acoustic demos which he decided to make available online, consequently landing him an invitation to head to America’s Music Capital, Nashville to participate in a songwriter’s festival.
Looking ahead and moving forward is Scott’s focus with plans for a new single to be released in early 2018 followed by an EP in April, supporting it with live shows across the country.