Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

cold war kids, Ben Folds

band members

Scott Bagnall - vocal/guitar, Paul Taylor - keys, Joel Henderson - bass, Nick Simpkin - drums


Moby, Ben Folds, the presets



Scott has spent some time writing and putting together his songs. After having the opportunity to do some recording in early 2013 he knew it was finally time to put a band together and start jamming. Scott Sunday plays melodic pop songs that span from driving synth rhythms to dreamy piano lines. A halfway house between guitar based indie rock and all out soft pop is where his songs find a home, but crucially, isn't what he aims for. Each song has its own piece of interest that leads to its own home. Scott Sunday are: Scott Bagnall - vocals/guitar, Joel Henderson - bass, Paul Taylor - keys, Nick Simpkin - drums.