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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

shins, wilco, Velvet Underground

band members

guitar/vox: esteban castanyos, guitar/vox: ricardo raberro, bass: ward huervost, keys:sir wheel of hands, drums:earl talbolt


sonic youth/died pretty, big star/yo la tengo, talking heads/modern lovers


Melbourne based band SCREENINGS ALBUM “THE SUNSHINE PILLS CONSPIRACY THEORY” is out now through SHOCK RECORDS, available through all good record stores and on line at ITUNES. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Formed from the ashes of several local Melbourne indie-rock acts, SCREENINGS are perhaps mysteriously known as one of the most overqualified underground bands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This latest album, mixed by uber-producer Casey Rice (Ground Components, Tortoise, Liz Phair, Via Tania) takes SCREENINGS to the next level, reminding us of their richly textured guitars, evocative Hammond organ and compelling vocals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The reviews are in, and here are some choice cuts: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “If you rate a band's influences (and there's a direct line to be drawn from Died Pretty back to the Velvets, make no mistake) and they sound more than half decent in their own right, then Screenings deserve more CD player time than three-quarters of the shite that gets radio plugs like the Second Coming.” -WWW.I94BAR.COM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Screenings are a splendid little Melbourne band still searching for that lo-core New York nirvana. This record finds them orbiting ever closer to the mark. Some subtle changes have taken place since "Phobia Of Sharks" surfaced in 2005. Esteban Castranza has vacated the drum stool for Dylan Mike Kim-E and the sound has become more consistent and catchy. Instrumental Dark Pete sets things off in a languid pace that Galaxie 500 were so fond of. Then despite all the glowing melodies and textures, Sunshine Pills and Oh Pity Me (Complications) are claustrophobic songs focusing on sublime paranoia and add new depths of unease for the fans to wallow in. In fact, the latter song is even sadder than that with its reflections on suburban anonymity. Reflections In A Lone Star Bar evokes the spirit of Sterling Morrison and is a prime cut. It evokes the feel of their hero's and the "Obscurity can be under-rated” mantra. Commercial success is obviously not a necessity, but in this case would be deserved. The level of disaffection swells on The Only Film To See and becomes a crackingly wrought song. Daily Dose continues the wry factor, coupling junkies eating excrement with seniors playing cards. Shared lead vocal duties give the impression of two-bands-in-one as do the sharp tunes. Nicely timed tempo shifts and some swaggering visceral rock'n'roll thrills make Screenings a band to watch. Damn, if it weren't for their meddling day jobs.” – BEAT MAGAZINE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Screenings are definitely one of those high-art low-fi pop-rock outfits that need a few listens before they become your friends, and then you’ll find yourself hesitantly not flicking back over to tape, phono or tuner on your very old stereo for a few days as you appreciate their attention to detail, in detail. I listened to it like three times before I even wrote anything here. The song Reflections In a Lone Star Bar is cool, but really long. Stylistically it’s really minimal and tight. and at the end starts to get some Yo La Tengo inspired fuzz happening. Definitely worth a peek at the insert because these guys know how to write. Track three Words Of Comfort stands out, boasting some addictive riff action and gravelly harmonies that work.” - RAVE MAGAZINE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “The Melbourne five-piece draw their inspiration from '70s New York warehouses (Velvet Underground, Talking Heads), eclectic American indie rock (Wilco, Spoon) and the Australian pop underground (Go-Betweens, Died Pretty) in equal measure. After the spacious instrumental introduction of Dark Pete, lead single Sunshine Pills kicks things in with a bouncy rhythm and suitably jangly pop guitars. The acoustic guitar intro of Oh Pity Me (Complications) briefly evokes Guns N Roses's Patience before embarking on more of a sombre vocal journey. Reflections in a Lone Star Bar is a grimy, smoke-stained rocker, its counterpoint the sunny, piano-laced pop of The Only Film to See. But the best track is saved for last in the form of Electric Shocks, which evolves from the songwriting template showcased on the 10 tracks previous, resulting in a looser, grittier and more organic composition.” - UNDERCOVER MUSIC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first single "Sunshine Pills", a thumping modern cautionary tale of breakdown couched in a swinging sunny Kinks-esque style, sums up the SCREENINGS sound in 3.48mins of pure rock-pop pleasure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, keep your ears out for Screenings and hassle your local station to play more Screenings tracks! (read less)