Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Gooch palms, Hockey dad, Dune rats, The living eyes, Violent soho, Cosmic psychos

band members

Mitch - Guitar/Vox Luke - Bass/Yelps Jack - Drums/Pukes


Cosmic psychos, Violent femmes , Beers n bongs


Scumdrops is a 3-piece garage/punk band from Newcastle, playing surf-pop ballads to dirty punk-rock trash, whilst delivering a full-throttle fast-paced performance.
Influenced by their hometown Newcastle, many of their songs express the highs and lows of living in the small town, from the most unreliable public transport system to the gronks that loiter.
Scumdrops sums up in detail what life in a bizarre surf city is like for just a few punks trying to make it.
Recently scoring support slots for AJJ (Andrew Jackson Jihad) and The Gooch Palms, and having played shows with bands the likes of COFFIN, Mesa Cosa, Hoon and Pist Idiots; they are about to embark on a tour up, down and around the east coast with the release of their upcoming new single.