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Rock, Roots

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Nick Cave, leonard cohen, Johnny Cash

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Bob Dylan, Tex, Don and Charlie, neil young


Seamus was brought up by free-love hippies and born again fundamentalists - but somehow he survived intact. He cut his teeth rocking the town of Adelaide, South Australia during the nineties in cult band Reckoning. By the time he was twenty-two he was on the run from the law. Under cover of darkness he moved to Melbourne and turned to managing a health cafe whilst simultaneously struggling with a substance abuse "challenge". At the time, the irony was completely lost on him. He developed a passion for psychedelic meditation which got him back on the good-foot, and subsequently joined the band Quill. They did OK for a bit, but the heat was closing in, so Seamus stowed away on a rusty freighter and went adventuring through Asia until he got stuck - cashless and dazed by the bright lights in Japan. After doing solo gigs in Tokyo to pay his way home, he cruised back to Melbourne, where he was welcomed home by a pyscho who beat the living shit out of him in St Kilda. Once his broken bones healed, Seamus spent a few years playing in the front bars of Melbourne, honing his craft and always writing new songs. On the side he has run a nightclub, made coffee in countless Melbourne cafes, had magazine articles published, wrote a novel, taught meditation, and attempted, unsuccessfully, to fit into the corporate sector. He now helps run a magazine, LivingNow, and, just for the taste of it, is getting back into gigging around like the attention whore he truly is.